Thursday, March 31, 2011

Danbo Arrival

I've finally finished all my test,yey! finally have time to update my blog.
I have a lot of things to update, the highlight is Danbo!!
Danbo is finally here, Danbo arrived on 30 March 2011, last wednesday.

Here's the story :

I was checking my bag, checking whether i've took all the things because i was going to work.
suddenly "beeeepppppp!", our apartment bell was ringing.
i looked at the monitor & saw the postman that always deliver post to our apartment, i greet him.
"Hi, delivery for Jessica Novia"
well, this is the first time i use my ebay account to buy things, so it's strange when people said that there's delivery for me, because i usually use my sister ebay account.
then i was like, delivery for me? will it be Danbo?!
I started to feel excited.
"yup,i'm going down now" that's what i finally said.
i went down & take the delivery.
it's a light little box. i was wondering, is this the size of Danbo box? but deep in my mind i pretty sure that it's Danbo.
But then i can't open it, because i need to go to work ASAP at that moment. so all i done was have a quick stare on the box, left it in my room & gone to work.

Time fliessss~~~

I've finished work & arrived home. got my delivery on my hand & start to tear it eagerly (hihihi)

as what it is, it's Danbo inside & then camera on action!!
so surprise that the shipping is very fast, i've left a positive feedback for the seller yesterday. huge thank's to the seller!!

Danbo looks confuse 

"Hi there!" J said
"Hi..who are you?" Danbo said
"I'm J" reply excitedly
"J? nice to meet you. what's my name?"
"Danbo!" J replied
"I'm Danbo!!" Danbo likes it's name

" i love this place! "

That's my mini Danbo. is Danbo he or she? i still don't know, will give Danbo a test to find out Danbo is 'he' or 'she' :)
"Danbo,would you like to pose for me?"

"is this ok?"

"or this one better?"


"i think this one is ok :)"

That's story of my Danbo. more story about Danbo?? haha

p.s. keep your imagination lifely :)

Friday, March 25, 2011

My Hero is on it's way

As what i posted from my last post, now i'm going to update about the hero for my photo.

Last post i said that i want Danbo to be my hero & finally i bought my Danbo. I bought them from ebay & it might be on it's way now. i'm still contacting the seller to ask whether they have ship my item or not.
i've search for a few day in ebay, finally found 1 seller which have Danbo on stock at the moment. 
i'm so happy,can't wait to have my Danbo arrived.

Before that i also went to almost all of the Anime store in Melbourne city to ask whether they have Danbo or not,but they don't. one of the seller willing to order it for me but they sell it way too expensive, so that i gave up & go back to ebay.

ok,so let's count the day until my Danbo arrived,yay! can't wait!!

After the good news from above, i want to share a bad news as well. 
Next week i'm going have 5 test i a row, the whole week. how cool is that?
i have 5 subject & all of them have their test at the same week. i'm really gonna die, all i can do is just do my best on the test.

After posting this post, i'm going to take a bath & start to study.geeee!

Well then, i'll study really hard until i finish my test & wish at that time my Danbo has arrived. Kyaaaa >.<

p.s. never give up & keep moving on

Friday, March 18, 2011

Hero of my photo

Lately I’ve been thinking about a hero for my photography, I was actually looking for a figure like the cartoon or anime figure to be the hero of my photo.
I went to Melbourne Minotaur, store where they sell all anime & cartoon stuff, but I didn’t find a figure that I want.
But then when I randomly search on google, I came about with Danbo.

So what is Danbo? Name sounds like Japanese name, should be Japanese anime figure or something else related with Japan??

So true! It’s japan anime figure. It’s really a simple figure but it can make a good photo with it.
Then I made up my mind, I feel that ‘right, this is my hero’

But there are some obstacles, firstly it’s so expensive.
It's more than 50 bucks for the mini one, well this figure is so simple but it cost so expensive. Is it worthed?? Even the normal size is more than 100 bucks, I was like ‘what???!!’

I think I’ll just buy the mini version.

The other obstacles is my sister, I have to bear her complaints if I really buy this Danbo.
Next is the seller, the only place that I can get this Danbo is just from ebay or amazon, but I don’t know whether the seller is trusted or not, need to see their review carefully.
Then about my canon lens, do I need to buy macro lens to take picture of my future Danbo (seems like I’m really going to buy)? Can I just take picture of it with just using my lens kit?

Geeeez, a lot of things to consider.
I’ll make a further update about my struggling with purchase or not purchase Danbo.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Facts about ME

Today i would like to share about myself.
I've found out some facts about, some i realized it myself, some are others opinion about me.

Ok, here we go...

Facts about ME:

  • Dreamer, i always dream of something, some of them are things which is impossible.
  • Artistic, i love drawing, i love photography, i love baking, i love coffee art. i think that's call artist. I interested more on things which is smells like 'Art' (what?!)
  • Ignorant, this is people opinions. They said that i'm ignorant, it's like i live in my own world, don't care about what is happening around me. If people besides me turn to Spongebob, will i stay cool?!
  • Cool, this is what i heard the most. i don't really speak or speak out my opinion. i prefer to stay quite, hear what people say & state my opinion in my mind. well, actually i'm talkative when i'm with people that i know really well, maybe people that i feel comfortable with. so for people that i just know, i'll be a quite person for them.
  • Love to spend time alone, (errrrr..) actually it's not always, depends on the condition. i love to shop alone, hunting for photos alone, wandering around alone. well, the reasons why is that sometimes i feel uncomfortable when someone is around me, i just can't be myself. sometimes i feel annoying as well of what they do, maybe because we share different interest.
  • Wishy Washy, that is so true. i always make up my mind on almost everything, i've make the decision but then the next second, i'm doubt again. 
  • Demander, don't get i wrong, this is in stuff case, such as i always have something in my mind that i wanted to buy or own. it's just endless! (maybe because people always create something new,tehehe)
  • Moody, yea..I'm moody but not that bad as in some people which is completely moody. 
  • Love tidiness, this is proved from mostly i'm the one who tidy up our (me&sis) bedroom. i just can't stand if things around me is too messy.
  • Spontaneous, i always make decision without thinking about it, i speak without thinking about it (when i'm emo) & this always make me end up regret of what i've said, i just didn't mean to say that, it just burst our from my mouth.
  • Don't love studying, since i was a little girl, i've hate studying. 
  • Spender, this is my family opinion, maybe i'm the biggest spender in my house (BIGgest?!!), they love to say "you never save your money, once you have money you always spend all of them" then this is what i always say in my mind "i just can't help it!"
  • Hate smoke
  • Not a pinky girl
  • Not feminine 
  • Chocolate Lover
  • Not a good liar, why? because everytime (means always tell lie? NO ) i tell lie, most likely people will know that i'm tell a lie, either from my expression, intonation, body language, or whatever, people can tell. (geeeeez)
  • Innocent, i was called innocent because i'm innocent? ( hmmmm?? ). ok, i don't know how to explain.
i think that too much fact, i don't want to reveal all of them, something bad might happen to me after that. (wth?!) LOL

*raining outside*
today is my day off, actually planning to go to Disney exhibition but my friend canceled it, planning to go photo hunting but it's raining. guess i'll just spend this whole day at home? (so pity.....)
*ring ring!*
but wait, my friend called & asked me out. yey! finally have something to do, gotta prepare my self because she's coming..

don't worry, i won't suddenly disappeared again, i'm not in a hurry.hoho
Then see you on the next post <3

p.s. people need to know their weakness to improve themselves.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Editing Photos

I can't remember when did i download Adobe Lightroom, but since then i love to edit my photos.
I'm getting familiar with it from day to day.

Sometimes people say that they don't like photos which has been edited, they said that it's not natural. well, sometimes it' true, but sometimes a photos will look better after we edit it. It's the matter of, the picture is good, but it will be perfect if we edit it. so why don't we just make it perfect since we can?
Others is that the lens that we use, not all people have the good lens or good camera. that for sure can effect their photo quality.
Same case for me, i don't have a very good lens, i just use the lens kit that i got when i bought my camera. i don't a pro camera, just the elementary level camera. so the skill of editing is very important.
Actually my editing skill is not very good, i'm still trying to improve it. there are a few account on flickr which inspire me. their photos is awesome, i just wish that one they i can be like them.
Btw, here's the link to my Flickr account

my very first photo which received comment from the pro flickr account :)

I'm really into photography now, the things that i want now are all having related to photography.
i want to update my early 2011 wishlist.

Early 2011 wishlist :
- EF-S 50mm macro lens
- lens hood
- canon shutter remote control
- job as a Barista (currently looking for)
- coffee machine (the one in coffee shop)
- join the coffee art class
- join a photography group

I think that's what i want at the moment.
Now i'm depressingly looking for job in a coffee shop, i've failed one interview which is from my most wanted place to work at, it is near my house, near my uni, it's always crowded (means i won't easily loss my job), what could be better than that? but i was failed. 
i feel down after that, but finally managed to get up again. i need to move on!
Just wish that my iphone will ring, unknown number on the screen & interview call. i really want to be a barista, i'm dying for that!!

It's March now, time flies so fast. going to be winter very soon, guess what kind of photos can i shoot during winter??? need to go for photo hunting.

p.s. wish me luck!!