Monday, December 20, 2010

Today is the day

It's tue, 21 Dec 2010, 7:44 am..
today is the day that i've been waiting for.
this might cross your mind, why i woke up so early??
well, the only reasons is that i can't sleep. This always happen when i'm so excited of something.
so what's the things that i'm so excited this times??
It's MOM is coming to the town!! lol
YES, yes, mom will arrived very soooooooon.
miss her like crazy already, almost one 1 year i didn't see her, which i still haven't used to.

Now i'm still counting on the time, it's still early in the morning, mom will arrive at about 12. geeeez, i still need to bear for another 4 hour.
the first things that i'll do when i see her is that I call her " Mami " , hehehe. that's what we call her.
i might burst into her chest & hug her but it seems so awkward remembering we didn't used to hug each other. we are Indonesian.

things that i've prepared for my mom is that i've made Nastar ( pineapple filling cookies ), it's mom favorites. i can't wait to see her expression >.<
i've cleaned the kitchen as well so that it's not messy when she come :)
i just done the laundry, so that our laundry basket is not full when she put her clothes in.
next i'll vacuum our room when my sister wake up so that it's clean & comfortable when she sleep in it.
oh yes, i've bought a bread for her yesterday. so we'll take it to the airport & she can eat it if she's hungry.
have i covered everything?? hope sooo..

Hmm, Dad & my lil bro will be here this thursday. Tomorrow is my sister graduation. they gonna missed her graduation because my bro finished her exam on tuesday.. hmmm
i wanna share my lil secret,hoho.
i've prepared something for my sister graduation. hope she like it, but i bet she will like it. wahaha

Christmas is coming! i can feel it!!
i'm going to celebrate this year Christmas will my family ( mom, dad, sis & bro ). so excited!
i've plan a Christmas dinner for them, i mean for all of us.
hope that what i've arranged will leave a sweet memories for all of us :)
i'll update about the Christmas dinner after 25 dec ( of course -.-" )

So Happy Holiday!
hope that your holiday is coming as well.

p.s. don't play too hard :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

'10 Wishlist

It's December so it's means that it's the end of the year...
going to say goodbye to 2010 & welcoming 2011.
time flies so fast, feel like i just graduated from high school, having a long holiday & came to Melbourne.
It's almost 1 year i've been here.
i feel that i change a lot since i came here, i've learnt something new, experience something new, etc.
the other things that impact me is that i became interested on something that i wasn't interested when i was in Indonesia.
I never bake in Indo, but since i came here, i become more & more interested in it.
I didn't really crazy of something which is called photography before i came here, but now i'm crazy of it.
Seems like these 2 have become my top hobbies now. haha

Thinking of the coming 2010, of course we all have something that we wanted to have.
we tend to wish for a new stuff for a new year.
so my wishlist for this ending 2010 is :
Canon 550d
Camera filters
Rolling pin
Converse shoes
Bread pan

that are the things that i wanted to have now,just 7..hahaha..not a lot right???
Can't wait until 2011 & going to cross them out one by one ( hope so,Amen )

It's friday today, this week is going to end. i'm so happy, this means that it's getting closer to the week when my parents will arrived, so excited!! i've been missing them like crazy >.<
i just need to bear for another one week & holiday ahead!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


we always hear this quote "time is money", i want to add "money is not time" to this quote.
Yes, i've been thinking of this lately, i always busy of working because of the money that i'm going to earn later. i'm so crazy of working because i have something that i want to purchase, but now i've reached the target.
so now i'm thinking, for what now i'm so crazy of working?, i don't really need that much money now & then i realized back then i don't really enjoy my life here because i always working.
we can slowly earn our money, like what my sister always say, all we need to do is enjoy our life, don't become the slave of money. well, i admit that i've become the slave of money which i need to change immediately or i'm not going to enjoy my life because i keeps looking for money.
After thinking of that, i make a decision, i'll not working as much as now once i come back from my holiday back to Indo, i'll spent more time with my friends.
I don't want to end up like my mom, who don't enjoy her life until today. i know what she do is for us, her children. maybe at first the reason is her children, but then slowly it become her habits.
she don't even have 'Sunday' on her dictionary, she work everyday from morning until night, & the strange things is that, she feel uncomfortable if she's not working. oh well, what a habit!
So that's why i don't want to end up like my mom & actually i wish that i can do something to make my mom enjoy her life.

The conclusion is, don't because of money you don't enjoy your life, once the time past, it won't turn back. all left is just 'regret'.

p.s. time is money but money is not time

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nastar ( Cookies with pineapple filling )

Finally i made this Indonesian cookies, which we always have during Chinese New Year.
so for Chinese in Indonesia, we of course celebrate Chinese New Year, before the Chinese New Year, we prepare various cookies, some of them which are popular is this Nastar. i got the recipe from my friend, she has ever made this cookies for me & it was really good, so that i asked her the recipe. hehe
This is the first time i cut a pineapple, it's so hard remembering how i always see my aunt cut pineapple for us to eat, it seems to easy but actually it's not.

Ingredients :

Dough :
- Butter 275gr
- Caster Sugar 80gr
- 4 eggs yolk
- Plain flour 450gr

Filling :
- 1 Pineapple
- Sugar 225gr

Egg wash :
- 2 eggs yolk
- 1 eggs white

Methods :

Filling :
1. Shred or mash the pineapple & put into a medium pot. put in the sugar & cook until caramel color & quite dry.

2. transfer into a bowl, cover with plastic wrap & put into the fridge.

Dough :
1. Put butter & caster sugar into the mixing bowl, mix with electrical mixer in slow speed, put in egg yolk one by one. mix well.
2. at last put in the flour in 4 times, mix in fast speed.

3. Put in a bowl, cover with the plastic wrap & put in the fridge.

4. Let inside the fridge for about 1 hour, take out & start to make the shape & fill the pineapple.
5. Grease the baking tray with the grease paper.

6. Pre-heat over 180C, bake for 10 minutes, take out & brush the egg wash, bake again for another 10-15 minutes or until the tops turn nicely golden brown.

Tips :
- Don't take all the dough out from the fridge while you are going to shape it, take a few which enough to make 8-10. this is to prevent the dough become dry.