Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Currently i've been so crazy of mini stuff XD!!
Well, what i mean as mini stuff is cute lil toys which have mini size, here's some picture to make it clear.

 cute mini macaroons

Re-ment Rainbow Deli Spaghetti set

So far i've got 3 set, but i've just photographed 2 of them. Another 5 set has just arrived & i'm going to the post to take it this afternoon. I've been waiting for more than 2 months for the last 5 set which make me kind of desperate, but anyway! it's finally arrived!!

I bought all this Re-ment stuff from e-bay & they're originally from Japan. Haven't been planning to buy more set since i haven't play with all of them. xoxo

Yea! recently i've just got my 50mm f/1.8 mark II. Both of this photos I took with my 50mm. It works really well and BTW, it's my 20th birthday from my sister. Even though at first she said that she won't give me anything which related to photography for my present (which she thinks that useless) but in the end she gave me this. LOL

Something strike me just now when i look at others blog, why i haven't been baking for so long? where has all my passion gone?? well, the reason is that i'm on diet at the moment (actually all the moment), because it's so hard to control you appetite here, i always feel like eating all the time! geeez to the MAX
But then I think of baking some cakes that i've been dreaming to bake and besides, i want to take photo of it with my 50mm.hahaha!

Well, i'll make sure that my next post is about my next baking :D

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Just realized that i haven't been updating my blog for a while. i miss outdoor photo hunting so much X(