Monday, February 28, 2011

Diana World Tour

Hey,I'm back! I've started my uni but till it's still not that busy.haha. so kinda have free time except when i have shift to work.
so last few days when I was free, i went for photo hunting & realized that in QV, they were having the Diana world tour. Maybe some of you don't know what Diana is, alright, from the picture you can tell that there must be something to do with camera. 
YUP! yup, Diana is a brand of camera. but not DSLR or Digital camera. they use film instead & the picture that they produce is kinda unique. They call it lomography.

I was so impressed when i walk in, there were a lot of this Diana camera from long ago, they put the camera, which year it was produced & even the camera box. some of the box had ripped of but still ok.
most of them are older then me,lol

On the other side of the wall, they put this decorated Lomo. they were all so amazing & the people who create them were so creative!!
Here's some of the picture that i took :)

So did you feel AMAZED???
hahaha, hope that u feel amazed as what i felt :D

Ok, for the last bit. the picture on the counter 
 The sample camera & it's price

The counter

That's the picture that i took.
Btw, i keep looking at the clock then to my laptop screen, why? because i need to go to uni now.
hahaha, it's almost time & i almost late.
gotta go now!
i"ll update again later..

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Princess

Lately I've been busy of watching this movie, it's the new Korean drama which released this Jan 2011.
It's My Princess, from the title you can tell that there must be something related to princess things in this movie. yup! that's right. This movie is about the lost princess that finally has been found & the guy is a diplomat. so at first they were just stranger for each other until they know each other & feelings grow between them.

At first I'm not really sure about this movie, i was just interested with them main character, they are beautiful & handsome. (that's the way i judge a movie :p)
After i watched a few episodes, i was totally crazy of this movie. this movie is funny!! it sure will make you laugh :D

The main actor is Song Seung Hun, who was once became well-known after he appeared in Endless Love. even though it's been so long since the last time i watched his movie,but he is still so handsome & looks young. i bet he almost reached his 30s. haha
But in this movie he's terribly cute, i fall in love again with him!! XD

The main actress is Kim Tae Hee, i never watch her movie before. Her first impression for me is 'She's cute!'
She is good on acting as well. i love her expression, sometimes it drives me crazy when she act funny things!

In this movie the actor is so romantic, makes me wish to have a guy who love me the way he love the actress.
It makes you smile, laugh, gone mad, everything mixed up when you watch this movie. 
This is a MUST watch movie!!! haha

Here's more photos about this movie :

So i hope you'll like this movie as i do.
Btw, it's just 14 episodes, i was shocked when it comes to an end.haha

Saturday, February 12, 2011

First post in 2011

Hi, I'm back from holiday now.
so now i'm in Melbourne again!
I had so much fun back in hometown, people i love are all there. i kinda feel homesick actually, especially the first day when i went back here. the things that i bought from home remind me of home, make me cry a lot that day. i almost drop my tears when i say goodbye to them, i really miss them a lot & i think i have to wait for another one year to go back again.

FYI, i was thinking to give up on my study & go back to my country. but then time change everything & my mind. i feel better now & i think i've gone back to me before i go back to my country.haha

Before i'm going to talk more, i want to share something.
In the end of last year, i've made a post about my wishlist.
So today i'm going to update what's going on with my wishlist!

( I copy paste this things below & crossed out the things that i've got )
so my wishlist for this ending 2010 is :
Canon 550d
Camera filters
Rolling pin
Converse shoes
Bread pan

so yay!!! i've got some of the things that i want!!
I'm so glad that i finally bought myself a Canon 550d dslr.
it's so awesome, i can't stop capturing everything around me >.<

 my Blackberry with it's devil rubber case

i can't capture my dslr,so i just captured this :)

Fujifilm instant camera that i got for Christmas 2010, from my dear housemate

So what i've spend during my holiday in my hometown?
I spend my time with family, old friends, celebrate our Chinese New Year!!

 People who i LOVE, people who live with me since i born

 Daddy, big sis, Mom, Me & lil Bro

 With Granny

3 Anty that i adore the most

Oyea, my uni has been started since last monday & i arrived here on Thursday, so i've skipped 4 day, got a lot of things to catch up.

Here's some photos that i took with my new dslr
 gift from heaven

a died mosquito  

 my new toy :D

 Birds in the sky

 Ballet in the sky

 unique things that my friend made

random photo

That's all that i want to share this time, have a good weekend!!
p.s. don't scare to have a dream