Monday, October 25, 2010

Busy Day

Finally i have time to update my blog again.
it's been so busy last few days, actually i was busy of working. suddenly got a lot of shift which is good but it makes me spend less time at home (slacking).hehe

So holiday is coming, i've planned a lot of things to do.
First, i want to go out to do my photo hunting, this time i'll visit the Fitzroy Garden cos i've never been there & i saw from a brochure Cook's cottage is there & there should be like a flower garden. so next destination have been choose.
Second, i'll search for new dessert recipe, it's been so long since last time i was baking. so while i've spare time, i'll make something new.
Third, what else? oh, maybe i'll go buy some new coffee cup cos the cup that we have at home are too small, which doesn't means i don't have enough coffee, but i need a bigger mug so that i can make more shape on the coffee.hohoho
Forth, will start to plan something new.

Holiday come faster please!

Friday, October 22, 2010


Now i'm staring on my lappy screen,keep on clicking my what's i'm doing?
of course FACEBOOK-ing,geeeeezzz
actually i was planning to do my assignment today since i'll be at home all night long but end up spending my whole night in front of my lappy doing something which not even important & even though i realized i'm doing useless things but i keep doing it.
gosh, so this is what we call life.

Then after typing all of those on above, suddenly this question came : 'what will happen if facebook suddenly disappeared from this world? from this earth? '
can anyone imagine what will happen?
maybe people will bore to

Alright, i have some photos to share today, so here it comes....

You : "what? coffee again?!"
Me : "yea, it's coffee again.hahaha"

Yeah, i really love it, i love the feeling of satisfaction when you success on making the shape. it feels like "Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh"
i even think of taking coffee making course on the coming holiday, but it's till a think.hehe
Maybe mom will like ' you suppose to learn accounting, but how come u seems like learn baking & coffee making more? '
this thought come to me once, ' should i just change my course to something that i really interested on? ', but i don't have the courage to take any step further than just think of it.
but wait, the title of this post is FACEBOOK, i suppose to speak more about facebook, not the other things. well, it's not related to the title now. should end this up!

The End

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2nd Trial

Alohaaaa, i just finished making myself a cup of coffee since i have nothing to do, but actually it's because i wanna try to make another coffee art.tehehe..

So today trial is the LOVE shape, but not only one, it's Three LOVE shape.. lol
enough for the LOVE things & here's the picture~~~~

Look at them,aren't they cute?? >.<

Well,i become more & more & more & more & more excited of these. will search more shape & try it 'At Home'

p.s. a cup of coffee to brighten your day

Monday, October 18, 2010

Early in the morning

Morning!!! i know you might think why i write this post early in the morning?
cos i just realized that my class start at 9 instead of 8:30. so now i have spare times..hehe

I'm flowers lover, last 2 day i just bought 2 pot of flowers from St Kilda, they look cute with that tiny post.
later i'll transform our apartment balcony to my mini garden,lol.
let's take a peek of my mini garden

top - bottom : petunia, sonata & cactus

oyea, bad news here, my guitar string suddenly broken, need to buy the string & change it. it's so strange,suddenly broke. geeez

( guitar's day off )

enough for today morning post, need to prepare my lunch than off to uni, it'll be full & tiring day today..

p.s. always smile :)

First Post

Hi Hi!

Jessica here,hehe. so this is my first blog and also my first post.
lately i was busy of working,suddenly got more shift then last few weeks which is good. sometimes i feel tired of working but sometimes i feel boring when i got nothing to do.geeez
then just realized that i've learned a lot of things while i'm working such as now i was crazy of making coffee with coffee machine. for last few days i've spend min 30minutes in the morning to make coffee.
at first i don't really interested in making coffee,but last time i was trying to find a new job which made me realized that i need to know how to make a coffee. so i just went to supermarket & bought coffee & milk, since we've got coffee machine at home. then once i try it,i feel more and more interested till today i try the coffee art. so here's the phone, the only one from my first try

also here's some photos of our coffee machine and it's friends :)

so that's what i'm busy of lately. wish that i can improve my skill on making coffee!!

p.s. don't afraid to have a dream