Tuesday, June 21, 2011

crazy fat awesome single date

Hi, blogger. how do you do?
Haven't been updating my blog for ages but finally i got something interesting to post.
Yesterday is my day off, i don't work, i don't have uni & basically i don't have anything that i need to do yesterday, so the night before yesterday i've planned to explore the city again, which is alone, as usual.
Well, people might think that i'm strange because i love to hang out alone than with others. The reason that i found is that i feel more comfortable, i can do what i want to do regardless about others. I love to take photos, so it won't be comfortable if I stop in one spot to take heaps of photos of same object while someone is waiting besides me.
Ok, enough of the confession, now i want to share about my single date yesterday! (so excited, btw, i can't sleep the night before yesterday because i was too excited XD)

I went out from home at about 9:30, without having my breakfast because i've planned to have breakfast outside. I head to Flinders Lane, just realized there are heaps of cafe & restaurant there, all of them makes me "wow". I should come again to have so coffee or snack.
Then i walked straight to Degraves Lane & randomly got into a cafe to have my breakfast. The cafe that i went yesterday is Degraves Espresso.

 Menu board inside of the cafe

 Skinny Latte

Egg benedict (poached egg with ham + hollandaise on sour dough)

 view from my seat

unique theater seats

I had a lovely breakfast, love them. will came back again..
Then i head to flinders & walk straight through St Kilda Road. I always wanting to take picture of an old building which cover of green leafs that i saw last time when i cross this road. I kept walking & walking, hope that i can quickly reached the spot but when i saw the building, it was a disappointment. The leafs is no longer green because is autumn, i just rememberd, shoot! I lost all my excitement.
I just took several photos here. Any, it's the Victoria Barracks building.

 coffee shop besides the street

 in the end, i decided to make it looks creepy :P

 Red letter box infront of the building

Next destination: Sensory Lab, Little Collins st.
Well, don't judge from it's name, it's not a lab, but it's a coffee shop. It's a terribly unique coffee shop which i ever seen, the staffs are wearing lab cloth, the design of the shop is like a lab. here's several photos that i took.

 again, my skinny latte

Next Destination: Brunetti, Myer
After finished my coffee, i don't feel like having lunch even though it's more than 12 at the moment. I went to Myer, window shopping, then i was tempted to have dessert. this feet took me to Brunetti (inside Myer), I ordered a mini mix fruit tart & another mini cake which i can't remember the name.

I didn't order any coffee here remembering i've had 2 cup of coffee before.

Next Destination: DFO (Direct Factory Outlet), Southwharf.
I actually didn't plan to go to DFO, but since i don't know where to go & I saw a lot of sale brochure, i thought that DFO might have sale at the moment as well. so i catched 96 tram.
Shop for more than 1 hour & bought myself a Puma running shoes.
I was then headed back to city, planning to try the crepe on Market Lane, which is kind of popular but somehow something stops me. It's the fat that i need to control.lol

Final Destination: HOME <3