Tuesday, January 4, 2011

People do change

I'm so happy now, why?? because i'm in my country right now, Medan, Indonesia.
we arrived here yesterday afternoon, it's good to be home. i've missed my 3 aunts a lot! and finally i met them now.

And yeah, Happy New Year!! it's 2011 now..
time do pass & things change along with it.
I went to Besi market which near my home this morning, i went there with my Aunt.
I met a lot of people there, mostly they are my Aunt friends because they always go to this market almost everyday since i was a little girl.
I met one of my Aunt old friend, she sell food there like fried rice, fried noodle & something like that ( i love her fried noodle with tomato,hehe )
when i saw her this morning, i was shock, she changed a lot. because this is the first time i came back from Melbourne, so i've been away for almost 1 year.
my thought flew back to when i was a little girl, she used to smile at me when i called her, with her bright smile, with her curly hair, her back was still straight at that time & she looked so energetic & strong at that time. but today, i felt that i saw another different people.
now her hair is gray, it's no longer curl because only some of them left in her head, her back is no longer straight, her smile is no longer bright as it used to be. I suddenly feel pity, she even need to use both of her hand to cook.
then my Aunt told me that last few months she was sick & almost stroke.
she doesn't married so that there's no one take care of her, that's why she still need to cook to support her life even though she is in a week condition.
I was then thought of my Aunt, i have 4 Aunt who doesn't married, they take care of us (me & my siblings) since i born & they treat us like their own daughter.one of them passed away last year. i think, what will happen to them? are they going to be like her? i hope that it won't happen to them.
I kind of trauma of the things people call born,old,disease & die. one of my Aunt who passed away last year, she got cancer. when we know that she got cancer, it was too late to cure. at that time when she was diagnosed with cancer, she still looked so strong, like normal people with perfect health, but then her condition was dramatically turned worse from day to day until her last breath.
It took less than 1 year since she was diagnosed & then she left all of us.
So i'm trauma & i'm really scare that this things might happen again.
All i can do now is pray, pray for all of us.
Let's pray together for people around us, for people who struggle out there to be alive, to be cure from their disease.

p.s. People really do change, maybe we can't avoid what will happen later but we can pray that the condition won't turn worse.