Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Egg Tart for Fundraising

I've been so excited about this last week, have been thinking about this!
Well, here's the story..
Last 2 weeks which was on Sunday morning, i was having my breakfast with my sister. I suddenly-randomly asked here about ministry in church. I said that I wanna involved myself for the church.

Then she started to state the ministry one by one, she then came up with fundraising. I remembered she said "oh! do you wanna join my fundraising ministry? actually the family team is going to do the fundraising, but none of them are available for next week fundraising. How if you do the fundraising for next week?".

Of course I replied YES, i want! not because of what, but because of I am very interested on baking stuff.
Both of us then busy of thinking what I'm going to make for the fundraising, and in the end, we end up with Cantonese Egg Tart for the fundraising.

I've baked this before that's why i was quite confident. I was then quickly search for the recipe, from the blog that I followed and also the same recipe that i used before.

Decision was reached, Next Fundraising : Egg Tart

So this was last 2 week story, it means that I've made the egg tart & the fundraising has passed.
I woke up on 7.30am last saturday and started to bake at 8am. Btw, i had 110 order!!

I couldn't slept well the night before because I was too excited & i was kind of afraid that I won't finished it on time, because i was working on saturday night. But indeed! I managed to finished all of them by 3pm. I was so happy even though I almost can feel my right arm. hahaha :D

Here's the recipe which i adopted from Christine's Recipe, she is a great cook!!

Cantonese Egg Tart

 i use cupcakes tin to bake :p

Ingredient of crust :
225g plain flour, sifted
125g unsalted butter
55g icing sugar
1 egg, whisked
a dash of vanilla extract
unsalted butter (for greasing)

Ingredient of custard :
3 eggs
110g caster sugar
225g hot water
85gr evaporated milk
1/2tsp vanilla extract (optional)

Method (crust) :

  • Place butter at room temperature until softened. Place butter and sugar in a mixing bowl, beat on medium speed with electrical mixer until creamy, light in color and fluffy
  • add in whisked egg, half at a time, and beat with low speed
  • add vanilla extract and mix well
  • add in flour, half a time and knead into dough. make sure all ingredient combine well
  • lightly grease tart tin with butter
  • roll dough to 1/2 cm thick, line into the tin, lightly press the dough with your thumbs at the same time turn the tin clockwise to make an even tart shell.

Method (custard) :

  • add sugar into hot water, mix until completely dissolved
  • add eggs and evaporated milk in a mixing bowl, whisked until well combined
  • add in sugar water, mix well
  • sift egg mixture into a pot to get rid of the foam
  • pour in the egg mixture to each tart shell

Method (baking tarts) :

  • preheat oven to 200C (fan force)
  • bake tart in the second lower rack for 10-15minutes or until the edges are slightly brown 
  • move tart to the middle rack, bake for another 10-15 minutes
  • in this state, keep eye on the custard, when the custard is slightly puff up, pull open the oven door about 4-5cm to prevent the custard from puffing up.
  • bake until the custard is cooked ( insert a toothpick in the middle of the custard, if the toothpick stands on its own, then it's cook)

Tips :)

  • try not to under cooked the tart or it won't be crispy.
  • I place the tin on the second lower rack at first to cook the tart shell, so that it won't over cooked the edge of the shell and the custard or you will have burn looking edge of the shell.
  • prevent the custard from puffing up too high because it will sink when its cooled down.
  • I don't put vanilla extract on the custard because it will give an artificial taste on the custard, but it's optional if you want to put it.
 Happy Baking and Good Luck XD!!

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