Sunday, September 25, 2011


Why are we living in this world?
Sometimes this question will come to my mind and I still haven't found the answer yet.
People born, live, old, sick and die. Then what's the point of this life?
This things suddenly came to my mind again when I've just finished reading a novel called 'Surat Kecil untuk Tuhan' which mean 'A letter to God'. This novel is base on true story. It's a really touching story yet it a story which make you realized of how important this life is.

The story is about a girl, called Gita Sesa Wanda Cantika (Keke), who was diagnosed with cancer when she was 13 years old. She has the same age with me, we born from the same year. I still remember when i was 13 years old, I was still playing at that time, still don't know anything, but in the other part of the world a girl with the same age with me is struggling so hard for her life.
She was struggling for 3 years and on 25 December 2006 she left this world and all the people that she love.
The novel tell us that Keke was a kind girl, she was smart, courageous, and she never feel hopeless even though she knew that she might die because of the cancer. But instead of losing her spirit, she try to accept what God have gave her and she still believe in God, she still believe that God still love her and what she had gone through is just a trial from God.

Can you imagine a 13 years old girl can accept all this hardship? without complaining? She is a role model for all of us. During last couple month of her life, she still joined the school exam even though on the last day of her test she had to ask someone to help her fill the answer sheet because she didn't has the strength to fill the answer anymore. What really amazing is that she got the 3rd rank on her class!
She even act ok to people around her so that they don't worry about her even though she left an extreme pain inside of her body.
She still think of others when her life is between live and death.
I remembered last time when i felt dizzy and i didn't go to work, this make me think, what have i done? my dizziness is nothing compare to her pain!

Some people use drug, some people want to end their live by committing suicide. Why don't we just sit down and think, somewhere in this world people are struggling to keep breathing, then why can't we appreciate our live? the most precious things that God has gave us?
Instead of doing nothing why don't we just use this chance that God has gave us to do something important? we can start with fixing ourselves by throwing away our bad habit and start doing good things!

I'm a type of people who is scare of death, because of what? because I'm scare to leave the people that i love or the people that i love leave me. I know that nothing is everlasting in this world and this make me realized that i need to appreciate more of my life, to be thankful, to show more love to people around me.
I don't want to waste my time anymore since every second count!

The last words that Keke told her family during her very last breath which makes me so amazed of her is that "live harmonious and happy life when Keke left..!"

Last things that i want to share is the words that Keke share with all of us before she left this world.

Surat Kecil untuk Tuhan

Andai aku bisa kembali..
Aku tidak ingin ada tangisan di dunia ini.
Andai aku bisa kembali
Aku tidak ingin ada hal yang sama terjadi padaku, terjadi pada siapapun
Bolehkah aku menulis surat kecil untuk-Mu
Bolehkan aku memohon satu hak kecil untuk-Mu
Biarkan aku tetap melihat bulan dan bintang
Bolehkah aku..
Hidup untuk waktu yg lama
Bolehkah aku..
Tersenyum untuk waktu yang lebih lama
Agar tidak ada lagi air mata dalam hidupku..
Bolehkan aku menjadi dewasa seperti burung yang terbang sebebasnya dilangit
Bolehkah engkau tidak pisahkan aku dari ayah dan teman-teman yang aku sayangi.
Surat kecil ini
Adalah permintaan terakhirku.
Andai aku bisa kembali

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